Is motorcycle insurance required in Arizona?

Motorcycle enthusiasts in the greater Oro Valley, AZ area often ask the team at Old Pueblo Insurance if a motorcycle policy is required in the state of Arizona. Liability coverage is a requirement for all motor vehicles that are operated in our state. This includes both trucks, cars, SUVs, RVs, and motorcycles.

A motorcycle base policy will include liability coverage in the event that you suffer damage or destruction to your vehicle or if you cause damage to another person’s property. Some policies may also provide coverage for medical expenses and injury to yourself, your passenger, and anyone with whom you are involved in an accident.

Different types of motorcycle coverage

You can meet the state insurance minimum requirements with a base policy that provides the liability coverage that you need. Additionally, you can opt to go with a policy that provides even more protection for yourself and your passengers. 

  • Protect your bike – protect your motorcycle in the event of theft or damage
  • Protect yourself and your passengers – additional coverage can often protect you from having to be responsible for legal or medical expenses in the event of an accident
  • Protect your financial and medical health in the event of an accident – if there is a judgment against you following an accident or a mishap, you can protect your financial health with coverage for certain medical expenses

Want to make sure that your motorcycle policy provides the level of coverage that you need? Contact the team at Old Pueblo Insurance to schedule a policy review. We can also help if you are planning on purchasing your first bike and want to have the right coverage in place before you get out on the road in the greater Oro Valley, AZ area.

Benefits of Life Insurance Even If You Are Young and Healthy

Getting life insurance when you are young and healthy has its benefits in Oro Valley, AZ. An agent at Old Pueblo Insurance can help get you started with the process.

When you are young, life insurance can be much cheaper. When a life insurance company is considering the applicant, they want the least amount of risk. When buying life insurance, the ultimate risk is the death of the applicant. While life insurance policies can be canceled at any time, the longer an individual holds onto a policy, the better it is for the insurance company. The younger you are when you apply, the less likely the company is going to have to pay out on a claim, which means that premiums are much cheaper at a younger age. Premiums tend to rise as you get older because there is a higher risk of death.

Another factor that insurance agencies use to determine risk is health. When you are healthier, you are less likely to die and you can also get better rates on life insurance. Getting life insurance before you develop any health problems will help ensure that you can actually get it when there is a need.

By getting health insurance when it’s cheaper because you are young and healthy, once you settle down with a family you won’t have to face higher premiums. It’s not just about replacing lost income for your future family, either. It can also be used to pay off debts. Many in the younger generation have huge student loan debt, and while federal student loans would be canceled after death, private student loans that parents cosigned for would have to be paid back by the surviving cosigner. If you pass away, the lender will expect them to pay. It can also be used to pay for any funeral expenses, so you wouldn’t have to burden loved ones with that cost.

Contact Old Pueblo Insurance, serving Oro Valley, AZ, to get a quote on life insurance. 

Why You Should Review Your Home Insurance At Least Once A Year

You should get in the habit of reviewing your home insurance in Oro Valley, AZ at least once a year. A lot can happen over the course of a year. Plus, you want to make sure that you’re paying what you should. Old Pueblo Insurance has reputable, independent insurance agents who can help you to review your policy.

One of the biggest reasons to look over your home insurance policy is to make sure that it encompasses everything that you own. For example, if you have made any home improvements or added any additional structures to your property, your insurance policy needs to be updated to include those. Otherwise, they may be eliminated from a claim, leaving you to pay for damages on your own.

If you have purchased a lot of expensive jewelry or fine art, it’s a good idea to complete a home inventory in your Oro Valley, AZ home, too. You may want to upgrade your policy to include a high valuables rider. This way, if there is a burglary in your home and these items are stolen, they are covered.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you are getting the most competitive rates. Insurance premiums will go up or down periodically. If yours goes up, you may want to review your policy to see if you’re getting all of the discounts you are privy to. It may also be beneficial to get quotes from a few other companies to see if you can lower your rates.

At Old Pueblo Insurance, we can review your policy to see if it is as comprehensive as it needs to be. We can make recommendations and even get quotes from several insurance companies to help you save money. Our independent insurance agents will work closely with you to ensure you have a home insurance policy you can count on.



Should I Get a Commercial Insurance for My Barber Shop?

Barbers offering modern haircuts are on high demand these days. With the surge in the number of people visiting these areas, any barber needs to be cautious and vigilant. They need to protect the health, property, and safety of their customers. With this in mind, purchasing commercial insurance needs to be a priority.

You may ask, ‘do I really need commercial insurance for my barbershop?’ Well, the answer is yes. Here’s why.

Helps in Case Someone is Injured in Your Shop

Commercial insurance will come in handy whenever you are supposed to cover medical bills when a customer gets injured in your shop. When someone trips and falls on the floor breaking their arm, commercial insurance will cater for the damages that may accrue.

Additionally, this policy may cover issues related to property destruction. Take an example, where an employee accidentally spills hair bleach on a customer’s expensive bag. Commercial liability insurance offered by Old Pueblo Insurance will protect you against such accidents, misleading or false advertising claims as well as copyright infringement.

Cover Interruption Costs in Case an Insured Risk Occurs

Let’s say following a storm in Oro Valley, AZ, your business is disrupted and you are forced to close down. Who will pay for the lost time? Lost money? This is where your commercial insurance relieves you of this stress. With commercial insurance on your barber shop, you will be able to recoup any money you may have lost because of failing to operate.

This coverage will go a long way to cover for any lost profits and will help you get on your feet after the accident. Additionally, this policy may cover your employees’ salaries until you get your business on the go or relocate.

Any barber needs to purchase commercial insurance. If you live in Oro Valley, AZ and you would like to earn more about the policy, then do not hesitate to contact Old Pueblo Insurance. They will answer your questions and help you get the right policy to help you through.

What You Should Know Before Adding Your Teen To Your Insurance

When your child comes of driving age it can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Here are a few things you should know before you add your teen to your car insurance.

Your Rates Will Go Up

There isn’t really any getting around this. A teen driver is a bigger risk than an older driver. For this reason, your rates will go up some when you first add your teen. Many families find it a good idea to require the teen to help toward this expense with afterschool work. This is a great way to offset the new expense while also teaching your child the cost of driving.

There are Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer families discounts for things such as good grades. This is a great incentive to help your child do their best in school. Setting up requirements that grades stay at a certain place in order to earn the privilege of driving will benefit you and your child in several ways. Grades improve, insurance is cheaper and the child learns that something is required of them in order to have the privilege of driving. 

Driver’s Ed Helps

You can also get discounts by enrolling your child in a driver’s ed program. This benefits you and your child in several ways. First, your child will get a systematic education on the best driving techniques. This is often better than mom and dad simply instructing them their self. Secondly, your child will be a safer driver and third, you can save some money on your car insurance costs. 

Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

Teens need to understand that driving is a privilege that they can lose if they are not contributing and following the rules. Use their new driving privileges as leverage to enforce these rules and expectations. 

If you would like to learn more about adding your teen to your insurance policy contact Old Pueblo Insurance serving Oro Valley, AZ

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) & Your Coverage

For decades the federal government has quietly underwritten flood protection across the country to reduce the potential losses to communities when a flood occurs. Under the National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, the federal government offers flood insurance coverage which is then administered and sold to consumer through private insurance companies working as middleman parties. Flood insurance in general is not required coverage for a consumer in Oro Valley, AZ or elsewhere unless he or she lives in a recognized flood plain, determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. A flood plain is essentially a region known for regular flooding, and the frequency is rated in years of likely flooding again. So a 100-year flood plain, for example, has a chance of a disastrous flood every 100 years. If so, affected homes with mortgages then have lender requirements for flood insurance to protect the outstanding loan if a flood occurs (otherwise the home as collateral becomes worthless when damaged). So, if a person is in a certified flood plain with a mortgaged home and coverage requirements, then flood insurance will be required and most likely associated with NFIP. Otherwise, a homeowner can choose to buy flood insurance as an option, which is also supported by NFIP.

The Old Pueblo Insurance group can explain known flood plain risks for Oro Valley, AZ residents and how NFIP works. Their expertise can wade through a lot of the bureaucratic language in coverage reference and get right to the point as to what is required, what is optional, and what protection it will provide. To find out more, give the folks at Old Pueblo Insurance a call or email when you have a minute. The information you get may protect your home better than before.

How to Borrow Against Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance there are many things you can do with it that you may not even know. One is to borrow against the value of the policy in some cases. It depends entirely upon the actual policy and the cash value of it as well as the agency that issues the policy but some life insurance policies do allow you to borrow against their value for cash. For those that live in the Oro Valley, AZ area, the agents at Old Pueblo Insurance can help you find the policy that works for you.

The way that borrowing against the value of a life insurance policy works is that first and foremost you have to be in possession of a policy that allows you to borrow against its value, meaning it has come to term. This means that the policy has matured and therefore is not going to be worth any more or any less. Generally, these types of policies are those you take out for children or that you take out and pay up to a certain time frame. This type of policy is not uncommon but you have to make sure it is the type of policy that allows you to borrow against it.

These policies allow you to borrow against their value because they can be cashed out at this time. You can speak with your agent to find out if your policy allows you to borrow against its value or not. Some policies allow you to borrow against their value for the simple fact that the lender can force you to sell the policy to pay your balance if you are behind on payments. For those that live in the Oro Valley, AZ area, the agents at Old Pueblo Insurance can help.

If I allow roommates to move into my home, are their belongings covered under my home insurance?

If you have insured your home with Old Pueblo Insurance, you can feel comfortable knowing that your property and your personal belongings in Oro Valley AZ are protected in case of a major loss. As part of your family, your spouse and children will also have their belongings protected as part of your insurance policy. But what if the relationship of the person or people living in your home is a roommate, not family? Does insurance cover the personal possessions of people who are roommate where you are the property owner?

When there are other people in your home, they carry their own risks. While having roommates is a great way to save money, it can cause problems with your homeowner’s insurance if something goes wrong and you try to make a claim on your homeowner’s policy. For this reason, it is best for everyone involved if the roommates obtain their own renter’s policies.

There is no legal requirement to have renters insurance, but if a renter doesn’t carry a policy specific to their rental, they will have to pay for any losses out of their own pockets. They may even end up being liable for an accident if it happens because of them or in an area over which they had control. The risks can be large, and the price of a renters insurance policy is usually pretty small.

If you have any questions about your homeowner’s policy in Oro Valley AZ, or if you would like to find out about renters insurance, please feel free to call our representatives at Old Pueblo Insurance today.

What Does Old Pueblo Insurance Cover in Oro Valley, AZ?

It is essential that your insurance company understand the individual experience for a local area. In Oro Valley, AZ, Old Pueblo Insurance gives you the local experience that you need to keep your classic car protected in any situation.

Only Old Pueblo would know about the hazards that are specific to the Oro Valley in Arizona. No matter what kind of car you have, you need a policy that deals with the unique problems that people living in this area face. Arizona is known for many natural hazards, including animal and environmental hazards, that can easily damage a vehicle if the owner is not careful.

The great state of Arizona also comes with many reckless roads that people love to take on. This is exactly why Old Pueblo Insurance offers classic car insurance.

Insurance is meant to protect investments, especially investments that cannot be replaced. Only a local insurer really understands the situations that could occur in the local area with a classic car. This is why a local insurance policy from an established company is the best route for most people. Planning is essential if you want to protect and build upon your current lifestyle. No one expects to have an accident – this is precisely why dedicated insurance agents with experience come in with hard data instead of conjecture and anecdote.

When it comes to Oro Valley, Old Pueblo Insurance covers all of the hidden holes. Old Pueblo require. If you are looking for a total package insurance company for your classic car in Arizona, Old Pueblo Insurance may be just the insurance partner for you.

What Exactly Is Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is a common term that is well-known across the insurance industry. Basically, it has to do with providing coverage as protection for businesses against potential losses through unexpected situations such as property damage, liability, injury, and theft. Also, such coverage may also be necessary in the event of an interruption of business.

Actually, it can be quite challenging for small business owners to know the right amount of insurance suitable for their company needs. The only way this can be easily corrected is by having the right insurance policy. As a matter of fact, this can go a long way in saving lots of money for any business venture.

Selecting an Insurance Plan

There are several companies in Oro Valley, AZ that require commercial insurance but they do not know what will be the optimum for their business. No doubt, it can be quite expensive to buy health, property, and liability insurance along with Workmen’s Compensation. To this end, it is imperative to assess your business’ needs, as well as the type and amount of insurance that is required.

Finding and working with a reputable insurance company like Old Pueblo Insurance can help you obtain a better idea of what type of insurance that would work best for you, as well as knowing how much it will cost.

Obtaining the right amount of insurance

Before a professional insurance agency like Old Pueblo Insurance can work with you to determine how much insurance your business will require, you will first need to evaluate your assets and liabilities. These include overhead, salaries, business volume, and property. Once this is done, you are good to get started.

In Oro Valley, AZ, you stand to have greater peace of mind when you work with a reliable insurance company. If you own a business property with several employees, you might want to consider the comprehensive coverage.