Common myths about motorcycle insurance

Driving a motorcycle is so enjoyable and so much fun. However, owning and riding this type of vehicle also comes with responsibilities. One of them is to carry proper motorcycle insurance to protect you and other people on the road. Old Pueblo Insurance, serving clients in Oro Valley, AZ, has created the list of the most common myths about this type of insurance. Let’s debunk them so you understand motorcycle insurance better.

Myth 1: Motorcycle insurance is not mandatory

Motorcycle insurance is similar to auto insurance. That means that riding without motorcycle insurance on the roads of Arizona is illegal. You cannot ride your motorcycle without a valid insurance policy. This can lead to fines and financial consequences. 

Myth 2. Motorcycle insurance is expensive

The truth is that certain factors determine how much you will pay for insurance. They are what kind of motorcycle you have, how old it is, where you live, and whether your bike was modified. The combination of these factors determines the cost of motorcycle insurance.

Myth 3: Comprehensive and collision coverage are interchangeable

Comprehensive and collision coverage are among the most common terms in insurance. However, they are different. Collision protects physical damage, while comprehensive coverage offers protection for damage not caused by collisions. 

Have you become a lucky owner of a motorcycle? The next step is to purchase motorcycle insurance. Take your time and shop around to make the right choice. If you need the help of professionals, Old Pueblo Insurance, serving clients in Oro Valley, AZ, is ready to assist you. All you need to do is visit the Old Pueblo Insurance’s website or call us. At Old Pueblo Insurance, we are always ready to offer you help.