Increasing the Personal Value of Your Oro Valley, AZ, Home Insurance with a Documented Home Inventory

When homeowners find they need to make an Old Pueblo Insurance claim for water damage or fire damage, they are relieved to find that the day they spent documenting an inventory of their belongings, purchases, remodels or upgrades on their home; with photos, paid bills, and detailed descriptions securely pay off. Time after time, insured homeowners report that they are so grateful that they took one day our of their busy schedule to do their part in documenting their insured belongings.

How to Create an Insurance Inventory in Oro Valley, AZ  

There is no magic formula for documenting your belongings for an Old Pueblo Insurance Home Inventory. The more itemized information you provide, the easier it will be for your insurance company to assess the replacement costs. Some important identification you need to list includes product names, serial numbers, photos, purchase dates, repair service policies, product descriptions, copies of paid receipts or a value estimate.

Some Oro Valley, AZ homeowners, find it easier to video, room by room, stopping at each item and verbally reviewing the information from serial numbers to receipts. The video should be thorough and slow enough for documenting each item with clarity. Be sure to include each room/closets, the backyard, front yard, driveway, and garage.

Some items could easily be missed, sliding-mirror closet doors, oversized wall mirrors or wall hangings. Document all upgrades like high-end kitchen appliances, flooring, light fixtures, and crown molding. Remember recent replacements like a new roof, air conditioner, washer & dryer, Jacuzzi, or tools like a lawnmower and chainsaw.

Document high-end items paintings, collectibles, jewelry, and investment paperwork – stocks, bonds, hidden currency, coins, in a special section. Keep a second copy in a fireproof lockbox.