Do all recreational vehicles require RV insurance?

Every state requires those who drive a motorhome to insure it, just as they require insurance on an automobile. In Oro Valley, AZ, you’ll need to insure your RV just as you would your auto as long as you drive a Class A, B, or C vehicle.

Old Pueblo Insurance knows that you probably didn’t study the RV classes before purchasing one, so we’ll provide a quick primer.

  • Class A: You drive a Class A RV since it’s an all-in-one unit. You can access its bathroom while it remains in motion. Passengers can use the bathroom or cook while the driver motors along. This class of RV resembles a band’s tour bus, so it equals a Greyhound bus in size or close to it.
  • Class B: You drive a Class B, which resembles a cargo or conversion van. These feature a small bedroom and a bathroom, but they typically provide the least room of any RV you drive.
  • Class C: Although you also drive most Class C RVs, fifth wheels also fall into this category since they fully attach to the truck hauling them, typically covering the truck’s bed. The all-in-one version of a Class C RV features a truck’s front end with a rear that looks like a fifth wheel.

So, what don’t you have to insure separately?

If you haul a pop-up trailer that you cannot travel inside while in motion, you won’t need a policy separate from your auto insurance. You also won’t need a different policy for a storage towable or an open trailer.

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