Why You Should Review Your Home Insurance At Least Once A Year

You should get in the habit of reviewing your home insurance in Oro Valley, AZ at least once a year. A lot can happen over the course of a year. Plus, you want to make sure that you’re paying what you should. Old Pueblo Insurance has reputable, independent insurance agents who can help you to review your policy.

One of the biggest reasons to look over your home insurance policy is to make sure that it encompasses everything that you own. For example, if you have made any home improvements or added any additional structures to your property, your insurance policy needs to be updated to include those. Otherwise, they may be eliminated from a claim, leaving you to pay for damages on your own.

If you have purchased a lot of expensive jewelry or fine art, it’s a good idea to complete a home inventory in your Oro Valley, AZ home, too. You may want to upgrade your policy to include a high valuables rider. This way, if there is a burglary in your home and these items are stolen, they are covered.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you are getting the most competitive rates. Insurance premiums will go up or down periodically. If yours goes up, you may want to review your policy to see if you’re getting all of the discounts you are privy to. It may also be beneficial to get quotes from a few other companies to see if you can lower your rates.

At Old Pueblo Insurance, we can review your policy to see if it is as comprehensive as it needs to be. We can make recommendations and even get quotes from several insurance companies to help you save money. Our independent insurance agents will work closely with you to ensure you have a home insurance policy you can count on.



Hidden Termite Terrors and how to prevent them

At Old Pueblo Insurance, serving the Tucson and Oro Valley, AZ areas, we know all about termites and what they can do to your house, value, and insurance.   

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. However, it can cover damage to things, like electronics, covered by homeowners insurance that is caused by a collapsing structure, such as a wall or a roof that had the termite damage.

The good news is termite damage can be prevented with regular maintenance and inspections. Protecting your home can not only keep your family safe, but it can save you thousands of dollars.

  • There are 45 kinds of termites in the U.S.
  • Termites are social insects. So, if you see one, he has friends.
  • Termites live in dark places.
  • In recorded history, termites have never developed resistance to any pesticide.

It’s always advisable to have a professional inspect your house, but there are three main signs you can look for on a monthly walk around your house.

Check for the three top signs of termites moving in with you.

Wood Damage

It seems obvious, but termites are after wood. If you see long tubes in wood near the ground or trees nearby, it might be termites

Mud Tubes and Tunnels

Wherever the land meets your house, you could find mud tubes the size of pencils.

Discarded Wings

Near the ground, if you find a pile of discarded wings, this is a sure sign a swarm has moved in and colonized.

Old Pueblo Insurance, serving Tucson and Oro Valley, AZ, is there to answer any questions you might have about your homeowner’s insurance and what is covered. Give us a friendly call for details



Creative Solutions to Maximize Home Storage Space

If you’re struggling to find storage space in your home, there likely is space you haven’t considered.  Here are some smart ideas for your home in the Oro Valley, AZ area to unlock your home’s storage potential.

  • The vertical spaces behind closed closet doors are great spaces for slim hanging wire baskets. 
  • Adding shelves to any small space give you instant useful storage space.
  • Use a closet or pantry for a creative office space and add shelving to increase storage.
  • Two inexpensive bookcases with a small cabinet set in between them can create an attractive storage nook with a convenient bench seat.
  • Create storage under the stairs, and this can be done in a variety of ways.
  • If you have a small pantry, consider a roll-out pantry to triple the storage space.
  • Spray paint wooden crates and hang them on the wall in a staggered pattern to get clutter off the floor and create an attractive wall.
  • Hang towel rods in a pantry, closet or laundry room to hang wicker baskets from for organization.
  • Create a hanging storage area in your garage with wood cut into I-beams and storage containers that can slide into place.
  • Use tension curtain rods as cupboard dividers to store flat kitchen items and accessories or put one under the kitchen sink to hang spray bottle cleaners.
  • Hang a wire magazine rack inside your pots and pan cabinet to store pot lids.
  • Hang crown molding on the wall of the closet to store high heels.

Old Pueblo Insurance

The agents at Old Pueblo Insurance in the Oro Valley, AZ area are full of ideas to help you make sure your home is functional and safe for you and your loved ones.  Contact us today for homeowner’s insurance coverage ideas.

3 Reasons to Update Your Homeowner’s Insurance

As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities in taking care of your home. Reviewing your homeowners insurance to ensure you have adequate coverage should be on the top of that list. Changes in your home could affect your current policy, resulting in insufficient coverage or gaps. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider updating your coverage with Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ.

To Add Coverage

If you’ve made major home improvements to your property, you’ll need to add them to your policy in order to protect them against damage or loss. By updating your policy, you ensure all renovations get the coverage they need.

In like manner, if you received costly gifts or bought expensive merchandise over the holidays, you may need to add an endorsement to your policy to protect these goods against theft, damage or loss.

To Increase Coverage

Major home renovations may increase the value of your property, requiring that you raise your coverage limits to cover the increase in the cost of repairing or replacing your home in the event of loss. Insufficient coverage could result in your having to pay for major repairs out of pocket.

To Receive a Discount

Home improvements that increase your home’s security such as upgrading window or door locks or installing a home security system could help lower your home insurance rates as they reduce the risk of theft or vandalism. You may also qualify for a home insurance discount by upgrading your HVAC system or improving your plumbing or electrical system as these upgrades reduce the risk of flood and fire.

By discussing these and other home changes with your Old Pueblo Insurance agent in Oro Valley, AZ, you can get a better idea of how to update your homeowners insurance in order to get the most from your coverage.


Three Tips to Keeping Your Tuscon Home in Top Shape Throughout the Year

Keeping your home in prime shape requires maintenance anywhere, but Oro Valley, AZ, is home to some unique challenges. This short and easy checklist will give extra longevity to every part of your home, and providers like Old Pueblo Insurance may be able to offer discounts when your home is adequately protected from the seasons.

Manage Your Air Conditioner

Tucson summers are no joke. You’ll have the air running around the clock, and the unit is basically your lifeline for four months of the year. In order to keep it working at its best and your comfort levels sustainable, you need to give it some TLC. Every month, you should check that it is draining properly and that there are no excessive condensation points on the unit or in the vents. You also want to get it serviced annually, where the filters will be replaced and a professional can check for signs of wear. Staying on top of your air conditioner won’t just save you money in the long run; it could save your summer too.

Check for Sun Damage

Even for most of the winter, the sun will beat down on your house mercilessly. You want to inspect your roof and walls for signs of sun damage roughly twice a year. Cracks and crumbling are important signs of a problem, but the primary early indicator is bleaching. When you see things turning pale, you know that they aren’t long for this world. Getting your roof and walls repaired will prevent insulation leaks and protect you from the short but intense monsoon season. Most people who aren’t from the region underestimate just how violent the summer storms tend to be, and water damage is a common and devastating problem for the unprepared.

Maximize Shade

The sun creates vulnerabilities, and the storms blow them open, so you want to do things that can mitigate that damage in the first place. Shade is the obvious and attainable answer. Window treatments can help keep the heat out, but you can go much further. When manageable, large trees can cast healthy shade that protects your home and keeps the air conditioner from working hard. Extended overhangs and patios can have a similar effect, making summers less severe all around.

Check out the other hot tips from Old Pueblo Insurance to make sure you are the master of your Oro Valley, AZ, home.


What You Can Do To Get Fall Ready In Oro Valley

You want to do all you can to prep your home for fall. The Oro Valley is a gorgeous area, though you are going to experience highs and lows in temperatures. Prepping your home can make it easier to overcome various obstacles that could otherwise take place.

Inspect Your Gutters

You may deal with a lot of leaves, so it’s best to have the gutters inspected and clean early on.

Explore Roof Conditions

The fall is a great time to have your roof checked out to ensure that there are no problems. If there are issues, will want to schedule repairs.

Have Your Gas Inspected

If you have a gas-fired room heater, this is the time you want to have it inspected. This way, you will be able to use it as the weather starts to get older.

Check the Fireplace

You may want to spend some time around the fire throughout the fall and winter months. To avoid issue, you should have it cleaned, which may include hiring a reputable chimney sweep.

Conduct a Home Safety Checklist

You want to do everything you can in order to keep your family safe on your long. The fall can be a great time to conduct a basic home safety checklist. This includes changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, removing any old newspapers and magazines that cause a fire hazard, inspecting fire extinguishers, and going over fire escape plans with the entire family.

Caulk Windows and Doors

It’s a good idea to do some extra weatherproofing as you prep for the fall months as well. This includes caulking windows and doors to ensure that there are no gaps.

Learn more about how to protect your home by shopping for home insurance with our independent insurance agents at Old Pueblo Insurance today.


3 Tips To Conduct A Home Inventory

When you have a home in Oro Valley, AZ, it is important that you conduct a home inventory in order to work alongside of your home insurance. It will ensure that you have calculated the total value of all of your belongings. This can help with finding the right coverage and allow insurance companies to complete a claim much faster.

When you are conducting a home inventory in Oro Valley, AZ, Old Pueblo Insurance offers some tips to assist you every step of the way.

Go Room by Room

Conducting a home inventory is not something that’s going to be quick. You want to go room by room in a very methodical way. You can create the inventory on a notebook, though it should eventually be transferred onto the computer so that you have a digital record.

Go into every bedroom, and write down what is inside. Go into closets, drawers, and everything else. Don’t leave a single aspect out because you could be missing thousands of dollars’ worth of household belongings.

You should also inventory your garage, attic, basement, and any other rooms that you may not spend time in on a daily basis.

Take Photos

As you write everything down on the home inventory, take photos. This will make it easier to show that you actually have the items. Be sure that your camera is capable of putting a date/time stamp on everything. This way, the insurance company cannot come back and say that you purchased something after the date of the accident or incident.

Save Receipts

You want to save receipts for everything that you purchase of value. This includes furniture, jewelry, artwork, and anything else that you may have. It will not only help you to establish what you pay for the items, but also make it easier to prove this to the insurance company.

Learn more about home insurance by contacting Old Pueblo Insurance today.