Things home insurance won’t cover

Home insurance provides the financial security you need and provides less worry in your home. It covers many of the dangers that face your house. Like most insurance, however, it does have exclusions, which it won’t cover. In Oro Valley, AZ, Old Pueblo Insurance ensures our customers know the exclusions and how to get the necessary coverage.

Earth movement

When the earth moves under your feet, it can be worrisome. There are reasons for that. It can mean experiencing an earthquake, a sinkhole, a mudslide, or a landslide. It can be scary, but more than that, it is something that home insurance won’t cover. You can get coverage under a separate policy with the required protection. 


Floods cause a fantastic amount of damage, and if that isn’t bad enough, traditional home insurance does not cover flooding from surface water. The NFIP offers policies to cover both the structure and the content of your home if you live in an area where there is even a remote possibility of flooding. 

Owner neglect

As a homeowner, you are expected to maintain your property. Your insurance may not pay for the resulting damage if you don’t. This means that you must treat your home for termites, animal infestation, and mold before you have a problem. If your roof gets old and water leaks into your home, it’s your fault for not repairing or replacing it. 

Wear and tear

Things get old, and your home insurance does not cover normal wear and tear. It doesn’t cover an old furnace that stops working or an old roof that leaks. 

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