Should I Always File a Claim For Auto Damages?

Should You File a Claim for Minor Auto Damages?

Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ, is your ally when your vehicle is involved in an accident, guiding you through the claims process. But when damages are minor, does filing a claim truly matter? Let’s evaluate the potential risks of not filing a claim even on trivial damages.

Potential Consequences of Not Filing a Claim

In Arizona, it’s not obligatory to file a claim for damages under $1,000. However, avoiding making a claim could risk your coverage for directly related issues that might not be evident immediately.

The Importance of Assessing the Damage

In some situations, damage may appear minor, but there could be underlying issues that aren’t immediately visible. For example, what may seem like a small dent or scrape could be hiding more serious internal issues, leading to expensive repairs down the line. If you don’t file a claim and these problems surface later on, you could find yourself facing hefty costs that your insurance may not cover since the initial incident was not reported. Therefore, even for minor damages, it’s advisable to file a claim to guard against potential hidden problems and ensure you’re financially protected.

For instance: If you accidentally knock down your neighbor’s mailbox, offering to replace it may seem sufficient. But assuming responsibility and failing to report the accident could potentially result in expensive penalties if your neighbor experiences consequential loss, like missed mail leading to missed deadlines. Should this result in a lawsuit, your insurance company may not cover you if you do not file a report.

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Leaving yourself without the security of your insurance policy is a gamble. For support on both small and large claims, contact us at Old Pueblo Insurance, serving Oro Valley, AZ, and surrounding regions.

How to Protect Your Vehicle in the Grand Canyon State

Living in the Grand Canyon State offers picturesque landscapes and a hot climate. Unpredictable weather conditions can lead to extreme weather conditions and increased car accidents. 

Protect your Arizona auto with great auto insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ!

Arizona Auto Insurance Options 

Protect your automobile investment from accidents, thefts, natural disasters, and other covered incidents with an Arizona auto insurance policy. 

A knowledgeable agent can talk to you about the right vehicle coverage options. 

Liability Insurance 

This basic form of auto insurance coverage helps safeguard policyholders from the costs of personal injuries or property damage when you’re involved in an accident. 

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage adds another layer of financial protection that helps pay for the repairs or replacement of covered cars in an accident. 

Comprehensive Coverage 

When you get comprehensive insurance coverage in Arizona, you add even more protection to your automobile. 

Comprehensive insurance helps policyholders cover damage to vehicles that other forms of insurance don’t cover. This includes non-collision-related incidents.

What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover that Other Auto Insurance Policies Don’t?

Incidents covered by comprehensive insurance can include the following:

  • Theft 
  • Natural Disasters
  • Floods 
  • Water Damage 
  • Falling Objects
  • Fire
  • Animal Collisions

How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance Policy in Arizona

Choosing the right policy for your and your family’s needs considers the following:

  1. Driving habits
  2. Number of vehicles
  3. Desired coverages

Not sure which auto insurance is best for you? Talk to a knowledgeable agent at Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ! Our licensed auto insurance agents can offer advice and help you choose the right insurance policy and deductible to protect your vehicle in Arizona. 

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Taking a Defensive Driving Class: Benefits Beyond Ticket Waivers

Everyone knows defensive driving classes are an effective way to improve your driving skills and lower your insurance rates if you’ve received a traffic ticket. But did you know that even if you haven’t been given a ticket, there can still be many benefits to taking a defensive driving class in Oro Valley, AZ?

Fewer Accidents 

One of the best things about defensive driving classes is that they teach skills and techniques designed to help you avoid accidents. By understanding various types of hazardous situations, learning how to handle them when they arise on the road, and being aware of all the other drivers around you, taking a defensive driving class can significantly reduce your chances of getting into an accident. This has twofold benefits: not only will it save you money on costly repairs, but it could also save lives by helping keep everyone on the road safe. 

Safer Driver 

Defensive driving classes also provide helpful tips for more experienced drivers who have been behind the wheel for many years. Defensive driving courses remind people of basic safety measures, such as scanning mirrors before changing lanes or checking blind spots while parking. Taking a defensive driving course can also give experienced drivers new insights into proper vehicle maintenance and operation, making them more confident behind the wheel. 

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At Old Pueblo Insurance, we understand how important it is for everyone to stay safe on the roads and take advantage of any available opportunities to refine their driving skills. Taking a defensive driving class is one of the best ways for Oro Valley, AZ drivers to become safer on the road. Any questions? Contact Old Pueblo Insurance today! 

What auto insurance must you legally carry in Arizona?

You must also purchase auto insurance when you purchase a car in Oro Valley, AZ. Many people ask Old Pueblo Insurance if they can get by with just the minimum auto insurance coverage in Arizona. Even Car & Driver tells its readers that’s a bad idea.

Arizona’s state minimums offer little coverage. Although this makes the state one of the cheapest to insure your vehicle, you would better serve your financial security by purchasing full coverage. The state only requires coverage in the amount of:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury liability for one individual,
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury liability for all individuals,
  • $15,000 property damage liability.

That means that if you cause the accident or law enforcement finds you at fault, your insurance pays the injured person or persons up to $50,000 total for the entire accident for their injuries. If you hurt four people, they each get $12,500, but if you hurt one individual, they could receive up to $25,000 if their medical and mental health costs ranged that high.

If the accident damaged three vehicles, each individual gets up to $5,000, but if only one incurred damage, the individual could receive up to $15,000 if their vehicle held that value at the time of the accident.

Your vehicle and medical injuries come out of your pocket if you don’t carry full coverage. The state-mandated coverage only protects the other drivers on the road. If the accident you caused totaled your vehicle, you’d need full coverage for the insurance to cover its replacement. Carrying the state minimums doesn’t do that. You would need to purchase another vehicle out of pocket, costing you thousands of dollars.

Instead, let Old Pueblo Insurance help you obtain reasonably priced auto insurance. Stay safer on the Oro Valley, AZ roads with full coverage from our insurance agency.

Do you need to have an auto insurance plan in Arizona?

The people that live in the Oro Valley, AZ area will continue to find that owning a car is a good option. With a vehicle, you are going to have an easier time getting around the city and completing your daily tasks. If you do decide to purchase a car when you are here, you will want to make sure that you get the right insurance protection for it. An auto insurance plan in this part of the state is needed for a few reasons.

Comply with State Laws

A reason people need to have auto insurance coverage is so they can comply with all state laws. Driving a car is a big responsibility and there are some tasks that all people need to take care of. For many, this includes requiring that you have an auto insurance plan in place. If you do not at least have liability insurance, you will be in violation of state laws in Arizona. 

Meet Lender Standards

You also may need to carry auto insurance to stay in good standing with your mortgage lender. If you have a car loan outstanding, you will likely be required to carry collision and comprehensive insurance. If you do not maintain this protection, you could be in violation of your auto loan agreement 

People that are in the Oro Valley, AZ area will likely want to own a vehicle. If you do own a vehicle here, it would be wise to call Old Pueblo Insurance to discuss your auto insurance needs. There are various factors to consider when selecting an auto insurance plan and Old Pueblo Insurance can offer support to ensure you choose the best policy for your situation. This can help ensure your vehicle remains properly covered at all times. 

Three things to be aware of regarding comprehensive auto insurance coverage

Having adequate auto insurance coverage is important because it keeps you out of legal and financial problems as a driver. You need to understand your various auto insurance options to find the right option for your needs. At Old Pueblo Insurance, we offer auto insurance coverage to those residing in Oro Valley, AZ.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is one type of coverage you can consider. The following are three things to be aware of regarding comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

Comprehensive coverage gives you ultimate insurance coverage for your vehicle.

There are a lot of limits to both liability and collision auto insurance coverage. If you want to be covered for additional expenses that might result from your driving, you can invest in comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Comprehensive coverage can give you greater peace of mind. 

Comprehensive insurance covers damage from fire, falling objects, vandalism or theft.

Before you purchase comprehensive insurance coverage, you should probably be aware of exactly what it will cover for you.

Basically, comprehensive auto insurance covers any type of damage that other types of car insurance won’t cover. This includes damage caused by fire, falling objects, vandalism, or theft. 

Comprehensive insurance does not refer to coverage for regular accident damage to a vehicle. 

You need to purchase collision insurance in addition to comprehensive insurance if you want to be covered for accident damages. Collision coverage covers the costs of damages to your own vehicle in an accident, while liability coverage covers damage you cause to another vehicle or the property of another party. 

Make sure you purchase both types of coverage to protect yourself against damages to your own vehicle. 

We can provide you with more helpful information about auto insurance coverage at Old Pueblo Insurance. Contact us to explore your auto insurance options in Oro Valley, AZ. 

Can I Appeal an Auto Insurance Claim?

When it comes to an auto accident, it’s fairly common for two parties to see the same event in two completely different lights. If you live in Oro Valley, AZ and you’re unhappy with the result of your auto insurance claim, you have the option to appeal it. Insurance companies recognize that the people making the decisions are not perfect, which is why they allow the situation to be revisited when it makes sense. Old Pueblo Insurance can give you a better idea of what you can expect from the whole process. 

Read Over the Explanation 

As easy as it is to assume the insurance company made a mistake, you will want to understand their position first. They’ll let you know why the claim was denied or settled out for a certain amount. Maybe your car insurance policy will only cover certain types of collisions. For example, let’s say you tell your car insurance company that you only use your car for personal use. However, one day your boss asks you to pick something up from the store and you get into an accident.

When your auto insurance company investigates, they find that you did not disclose that you used your car for business and thus reject the claim. This is something of a gray area that you could almost certainly appeal. It just helps to know exactly what your policy states and how exactly you use your car before you decide to fight the rejection.

There are a variety of reasons why your claim might be denied. If you have questions about what you can do, call Old Pueblo Insurance today. We make it possible for the people of Oro Valley, AZ to get the advice and guidance they need at a critical time. 

What You Should Know Before Adding Your Teen To Your Insurance

When your child comes of driving age it can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Here are a few things you should know before you add your teen to your car insurance.

Your Rates Will Go Up

There isn’t really any getting around this. A teen driver is a bigger risk than an older driver. For this reason, your rates will go up some when you first add your teen. Many families find it a good idea to require the teen to help toward this expense with afterschool work. This is a great way to offset the new expense while also teaching your child the cost of driving.

There are Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer families discounts for things such as good grades. This is a great incentive to help your child do their best in school. Setting up requirements that grades stay at a certain place in order to earn the privilege of driving will benefit you and your child in several ways. Grades improve, insurance is cheaper and the child learns that something is required of them in order to have the privilege of driving. 

Driver’s Ed Helps

You can also get discounts by enrolling your child in a driver’s ed program. This benefits you and your child in several ways. First, your child will get a systematic education on the best driving techniques. This is often better than mom and dad simply instructing them their self. Secondly, your child will be a safer driver and third, you can save some money on your car insurance costs. 

Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

Teens need to understand that driving is a privilege that they can lose if they are not contributing and following the rules. Use their new driving privileges as leverage to enforce these rules and expectations. 

If you would like to learn more about adding your teen to your insurance policy contact Old Pueblo Insurance serving Oro Valley, AZ

Replacement Cost Vs. Market Value

What does this terminology even mean?

As a car owner in Oro Valley, AZ, it is essential to understand the rather insurance-esque terms “replacement cost” and “market value” in order to be educated if you ever need to file an insurance claim.

The Replacement cost is in reference to the amount of money that it would take to completely rebuild or replace your car should disaster strike, be it a vehicular accident, the result of a storm, or even if it is a freak-mishap (a tree falling on the hood of your car while it innocently sits in the driveway). This figure is determined based on current prices for the labor, material, taxes, fees, and plans. Speak to an agent at Old Pueblo Insurance to discuss this, as well as the following.

Market value refers to how much your car would sell for in its current state: wear and tear and all. This type of value can be very hard to determine without the aid of an expert, as it changes according to the ebbs and flows of the car market, in addition to the car’s attributes on the inside as well as the outside. To get a round-about idea of the value of your car, you can always compare it to others of the same make, model, and year, this is not always the precise figure though. For a more accurate appraisal, a professional should be contacted. 

Contact an agent at Old Pueblo Insurance, serving the needs of those in the Oro Valley, AZ area, to discuss these terms in more detail, and as they pertain to you, in particular.

Should You Buy New or Used to Save on Auto Insurance?

When buying a vehicle, there are different elements to keep in mind when it comes to how much you’ll eventually pay for auto insurance. Some of the factors include your current driving record, if you have any points on your license, how long you’ve been driving and so on. Of course, a good deal of the insurance costs revolves around the ability to purchase and obtain replacement parts and the age of the vehicle. At Old Pueblo Insurance, we want to help you save money on auto insurance, whether you live in Oro Valley, AZ or the greater Tucson area. 

Used Is Typically Less Expensive to Insure

Generally speaking, a used vehicle is less expensive to insure than a new vehicle. There is the occasional exception, but newer vehicles have more expensive tech in place. It is also harder to find used replacement parts, which means all repairs must utilize new parts. Buying a vehicle that is four or five years old can save a good amount on the sticker price and your insurance cost. 

Rare Models

Of course, there are rare trim models. Perhaps you purchase a Mustang Boss edition or another vehicle model with limited production. In this case, the limited production vehicle likely will cost more than a brand new vehicle. This comes down to the cost of replacement parts. With fewer models, there are fewer available parts. Manufacturers of the parts will charge more as well, which is what forces the insurance up. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in Oro Valley, AZ, Tucson or further out, Old Pueblo Insurance is here to help you save money on your auto insurance. If you want an affordable vehicle that also costs less in insurance, consider purchasing a used vehicle.