What is Usually Covered by Renters Insurance in AZ

Some may consider renters insurance to be the equivalent of home insurance for those that are renting their house or apartment. In some ways this is true, but with some differences. In any case, it is a relatively cheap and effective way to mitigate costs in the event of a disaster. If you are in the Oro Valley, AZ area, consider consulting with Old Pueblo Insurance to see if they have a plan in your price range.

Your Personal Belongings

Just because you do not own the home doesn’t mean that you will face a great deal of property loss. Renters insurance can cover the furniture that you have brought to the rental property. It will also cover your electronics, clothing, and other personal items that are specified within your policy. Some high-value items, like collectibles or jewelry, may have limited or conditional coverage.


If you are responsible for a guest being injured on the property, your insurance plan can cover legal and medical costs. There are limitations to coverage, as specified by the policy.

Downtime From Your Home

If a disaster is so horrible that you have to temporarily live outside of your house, many policies will cover such costs. Things like hotel bills, food, and transportation may be covered in such events.

Renter insurance is a good idea in many cases since most landlords will not provide it. If you are unsure if your landlord covers you, it should be clarified in the contract prior to renting. If you need an affordable plan that covers your current living situation in Oro Valley, AZ, give Old Pueblo Insurance a call.