Boat Insurance Protects Against Issues Caused During Winter

Boat owners in Oro Valley, AZ likely store their boat during the winter months without buying an insurance policy to protect their vessel. This mistake is one that we at Old Pueblo Insurance hope to correct by providing excellent coverage for boats of all types in this area.

Cold Weather May Trigger Boat Issues

Although winters in Arizona may not be as extreme as other parts of the world, temperatures can still get pretty low during the coldest winter months. Unfortunately, this situation means that a boat owner may park their vessel in storage during the most damaging times of the year.

When cold weather occurs in and around a boat, issues with freezing may occur, especially if the boat owner isn’t used to such protection measures. As a result, their boat may end up severely damaged and unable to run without them having any insurance to pray for these repairs.

Boat Coverage Protects Against Winter Damage

When a boat owner stores their boat during the winter, they may think that their homeowner’s insurance policy protects it from damage. Unfortunately, that misunderstanding is simply not the case. While some policies may cover a boat, others won’t help at all.

However, high-quality boat insurance policies are designed to protect a boat from any type of serious damage. For example, a stored boat damaged by cold weather during the winter can be repaired using boating insurance. As a result, boat owners should insure their vessels all year round.

Choose a Policy for Your Vessel

So even if you don’t expect a cold winter in Oro Valley, AZ this year, please contact us at Old Pueblo Insurance to get the boating insurance you need to protect your vessel. You won’t regret taking the step to fully protect your investment and to keep it from serious damage.