Things home insurance won’t cover

Home insurance provides the financial security you need and provides less worry in your home. It covers many of the dangers that face your house. Like most insurance, however, it does have exclusions, which it won’t cover. In Oro Valley, AZ, Old Pueblo Insurance ensures our customers know the exclusions and how to get the necessary coverage.

Earth movement

When the earth moves under your feet, it can be worrisome. There are reasons for that. It can mean experiencing an earthquake, a sinkhole, a mudslide, or a landslide. It can be scary, but more than that, it is something that home insurance won’t cover. You can get coverage under a separate policy with the required protection. 


Floods cause a fantastic amount of damage, and if that isn’t bad enough, traditional home insurance does not cover flooding from surface water. The NFIP offers policies to cover both the structure and the content of your home if you live in an area where there is even a remote possibility of flooding. 

Owner neglect

As a homeowner, you are expected to maintain your property. Your insurance may not pay for the resulting damage if you don’t. This means that you must treat your home for termites, animal infestation, and mold before you have a problem. If your roof gets old and water leaks into your home, it’s your fault for not repairing or replacing it. 

Wear and tear

Things get old, and your home insurance does not cover normal wear and tear. It doesn’t cover an old furnace that stops working or an old roof that leaks. 

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Should I Always File a Claim For Auto Damages?

Should You File a Claim for Minor Auto Damages?

Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ, is your ally when your vehicle is involved in an accident, guiding you through the claims process. But when damages are minor, does filing a claim truly matter? Let’s evaluate the potential risks of not filing a claim even on trivial damages.

Potential Consequences of Not Filing a Claim

In Arizona, it’s not obligatory to file a claim for damages under $1,000. However, avoiding making a claim could risk your coverage for directly related issues that might not be evident immediately.

The Importance of Assessing the Damage

In some situations, damage may appear minor, but there could be underlying issues that aren’t immediately visible. For example, what may seem like a small dent or scrape could be hiding more serious internal issues, leading to expensive repairs down the line. If you don’t file a claim and these problems surface later on, you could find yourself facing hefty costs that your insurance may not cover since the initial incident was not reported. Therefore, even for minor damages, it’s advisable to file a claim to guard against potential hidden problems and ensure you’re financially protected.

For instance: If you accidentally knock down your neighbor’s mailbox, offering to replace it may seem sufficient. But assuming responsibility and failing to report the accident could potentially result in expensive penalties if your neighbor experiences consequential loss, like missed mail leading to missed deadlines. Should this result in a lawsuit, your insurance company may not cover you if you do not file a report.

Contact Old Pueblo Insurance for Guidance on Claims

Leaving yourself without the security of your insurance policy is a gamble. For support on both small and large claims, contact us at Old Pueblo Insurance, serving Oro Valley, AZ, and surrounding regions.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Benefit Retirees?

Ideally, one benefit of retirement is the ability to focus on family, hobbies, and other activities without worrying about money. One way to protect yourself and limit your money worries is to obtain umbrella insurance covering your accumulated assets. Whether you are retired or not, our team at Old Pueblo Insurance, serving Oro Valley, AZ, will help you understand the benefits of umbrella insurance for people of all ages.

How Umbrella Insurance Benefits Retirees

Insurance protects against the unexpected. Accidents can leave us liable for damages, regardless of how careful we are. While our home and auto policies cover us in most instances, the damages sometimes exceed the limits of our home or auto policy. When those situations occur, you become responsible for paying the difference between the policy limit and the total damage, putting your savings, home, and other assets at risk.

While such situations are a problem regardless of age, most retirees are beyond their peak earning years and find it difficult to rebuild their financial freedom.

Umbrella insurance solves the problem because it sits atop your other policies and pays out only when you exceed their limits. People with umbrella policies often do not make a claim on those policies because the policy comes into play only when the worst happens. The low number of claims means umbrella policies are relatively inexpensive, yet they offer extra protection that offers retirees peace of mind, knowing they are protected from certain harms.

Working With Old Pueblo Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a low-cost means to protect your family and your assets. If you live in or near Oro Valley, AZ, stop in or call the team at Old Pueblo Insurance today to discuss how you can benefit from owning an umbrella insurance policy. 

Common myths about motorcycle insurance

Driving a motorcycle is so enjoyable and so much fun. However, owning and riding this type of vehicle also comes with responsibilities. One of them is to carry proper motorcycle insurance to protect you and other people on the road. Old Pueblo Insurance, serving clients in Oro Valley, AZ, has created the list of the most common myths about this type of insurance. Let’s debunk them so you understand motorcycle insurance better.

Myth 1: Motorcycle insurance is not mandatory

Motorcycle insurance is similar to auto insurance. That means that riding without motorcycle insurance on the roads of Arizona is illegal. You cannot ride your motorcycle without a valid insurance policy. This can lead to fines and financial consequences. 

Myth 2. Motorcycle insurance is expensive

The truth is that certain factors determine how much you will pay for insurance. They are what kind of motorcycle you have, how old it is, where you live, and whether your bike was modified. The combination of these factors determines the cost of motorcycle insurance.

Myth 3: Comprehensive and collision coverage are interchangeable

Comprehensive and collision coverage are among the most common terms in insurance. However, they are different. Collision protects physical damage, while comprehensive coverage offers protection for damage not caused by collisions. 

Have you become a lucky owner of a motorcycle? The next step is to purchase motorcycle insurance. Take your time and shop around to make the right choice. If you need the help of professionals, Old Pueblo Insurance, serving clients in Oro Valley, AZ, is ready to assist you. All you need to do is visit the Old Pueblo Insurance’s website or call us. At Old Pueblo Insurance, we are always ready to offer you help. 

Can I buy life insurance as a gift in Oro Valley, AZ?

Life insurance is one of the best gifts you can give someone. While most gifts are used up or forgotten, life insurance remains a practical way of giving loved ones peace of mind and stability. If you are considering buying life insurance in Oro Valley, AZ, Old Pueblo Insurance can help you choose the best policy for your needs.

Requirements For Gifting Life Insurance

There are two main requirements for giving a life insurance policy as a gift:

  1. You must have the express permission of the person for whom you are buying the policy. If the person is a minor, you need the parent or guardian’s permission.
  2. There needs to be proof of insurable interest. Only people affected by a death may purchase life insurance for that person. This keeps random people from buying life insurance for strangers in hopes of profiting.
  3. Another requirement for some, but not all, policies is that the person on the insurance needs to take a physical.

Benefits Of Buying Life Insurance As a Gift

Life insurance may seem boring or even morbid, but it is actually a practical, thoughtful, loving gift.

  • Life insurance can provide financial stability during the worst of times. Money is the last thing you want to worry about when facing a tragedy.
  • By purchasing the policy when someone is young, you make sure that person won’t face eligibility issues when trying to apply for life insurance as an older, possibly unhealthier adult.
  • Some policies even have cash payouts.

It’s Never Too Early Or Too Late To Buy Life Insurance In Oro Valley, AZ

If you have questions about gifting life insurance to a loved one or life insurance in general, please call Old Pueblo Insurance today.

From Risk to Resilience: Navigating Commercial Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ

Old Pueblo Insurance is an invaluable resource for business owners in the Oro Valley, AZ region. We know how hard it can be to protect your company, so we offer our clients the commercial insurance policies that best meet their needs. To learn more about the most crucial tips and pointers regarding these policies, please take a moment to check out this handy guide.

Prioritize Customer Safety

The customer is the lifeblood of any business. Suppose the commercial insurance policy that is being chosen does not prioritize customer safety. In that case, this is an issue that can cause any number of more significant problems that are difficult to overcome. Any policy you select should reflect the potential risks a customer may face.

Choose a Separate Policy

In an era where more and more businesses are being run from their home, many business owners may make false assumptions. For starters, do not ever assume that a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover all business-related concerns. The same goes for anyone who is using a personal vehicle. Your auto insurance policy is not going to cover any business-related needs.

Check The Policy Frequently

The job is not done once the policy has been purchased. As a business owner, this insurance policy must be treated as a living, breathing document. Businesses always grow and evolve, and your policy must grow along with it.

Once you are ready to start shopping for commercial insurance policies in earnest, our team of professionals cannot wait to assist you. Pick up the phone and call Old Pueblo Insurance when you wish to schedule a helpful consultation in the Oro Valley, AZ region.

Is Home Insurance Transferable if I Move?

Your home insurance policy differs from other types of insurance you purchase because it only covers the specific home named in it. The policy contains the address of your Arizona home, and your home policy only applies to your current location.

Moving to A New Home Means a New Insurance Policy

When you move to another address in Arizona or out of state, you must purchase a new policy covering the new home. When you move to a new house, you insure it anew since its construction, value, and amenities differ from the other home.

Determining Your New Home’s Value

Your insurance agent determines the value of your new home based on your purchase price. If you make any alterations after purchase, provide the receipts or invoices for the improvement. That helps your insurance agent add the home improvement to the purchase value.
The insurance on your boat or life continues working to protect you from financial loss. Each time you purchase a new home, you need to buy home insurance for that property.

Advantages of the New Policy

Purchasing a new home policy lets you easily add coverage for your home business, the new playground equipment you bought for the backyard, such as a trampoline or swing set, and added protection for expensive jewelry like an engagement ring.

Contact Old Pueblo Insurance About Your Policy

Contact Old Pueblo Insurance to insure your Arizona, home. Don’t let your coverage lapse because your existing policy does not extend to your new home. Let us help you build a policy that protects your new home and financial security.

How to Protect Your Vehicle in the Grand Canyon State

Living in the Grand Canyon State offers picturesque landscapes and a hot climate. Unpredictable weather conditions can lead to extreme weather conditions and increased car accidents. 

Protect your Arizona auto with great auto insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ!

Arizona Auto Insurance Options 

Protect your automobile investment from accidents, thefts, natural disasters, and other covered incidents with an Arizona auto insurance policy. 

A knowledgeable agent can talk to you about the right vehicle coverage options. 

Liability Insurance 

This basic form of auto insurance coverage helps safeguard policyholders from the costs of personal injuries or property damage when you’re involved in an accident. 

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage adds another layer of financial protection that helps pay for the repairs or replacement of covered cars in an accident. 

Comprehensive Coverage 

When you get comprehensive insurance coverage in Arizona, you add even more protection to your automobile. 

Comprehensive insurance helps policyholders cover damage to vehicles that other forms of insurance don’t cover. This includes non-collision-related incidents.

What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover that Other Auto Insurance Policies Don’t?

Incidents covered by comprehensive insurance can include the following:

  • Theft 
  • Natural Disasters
  • Floods 
  • Water Damage 
  • Falling Objects
  • Fire
  • Animal Collisions

How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance Policy in Arizona

Choosing the right policy for your and your family’s needs considers the following:

  1. Driving habits
  2. Number of vehicles
  3. Desired coverages

Not sure which auto insurance is best for you? Talk to a knowledgeable agent at Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ! Our licensed auto insurance agents can offer advice and help you choose the right insurance policy and deductible to protect your vehicle in Arizona. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact an agent at Old Pueblo Insurance and get Arizona auto insurance coverage today.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance: Why Your Insurance Portfolio Needs It

We all recognize the importance of insurance in Oro Valley, AZ. But what happens when one policy isn’t enough to cover the costs of an unexpected incident? This is where umbrella insurance comes in. Old Pueblo Insurance explains umbrella insurance, which is an additional level of coverage that can benefit those who want more comprehensive protection for themselves and their families.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella insurance policy provides coverage beyond the limits of your existing home, auto, or boat insurance policies. It is designed to protect you from liability claims or lawsuits beyond the coverage amounts of your primary insurance policies. It can act as a safety net for many unforeseen circumstances. These can include accidents where you are at fault and are held legally responsible or when you cause damage to someone else’s property. Though the policy may be called "umbrella" insurance, it is not a separate policy. Instead, it provides an additional layer of insurance coverage after your other policies have been exhausted.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

While umbrella insurance is not a legal requirement, it can be a critical investment for those with assets to protect. It is worth considering if you own a home, have savings, or engage in activities that could result in liability claims. Individuals who have frequent visitors to their properties or drive a lot may also benefit from an umbrella insurance policy, as these activities carry a higher level of risk.

Umbrella insurance is an optional but highly recommended investment for individuals and families with significant assets n Oro Valley, AZ. Contact Old Pueblo Insurance today to discuss how to protect your financial assets.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Arizona?

The agents at Old Pueblo Insurance serving the Oro Valley, AZ area want you to have a great time on your new motorcycle but to ride responsibly by having an appropriate amount of motorcycle insurance in place before you head out on the highway.

In Arizona, it is the law that everyone that drives a motor vehicle on public roads and highways has at least the minimum liability insurance. This includes motorcycles and even mopeds.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Liability Motorcycle Insurance

There are many types of motorcycle insurance coverage options, but the first one, liability insurance, is mandated in Arizona. This insurance coverage will provide financial assistance for injuries or property damage to another driver if you cause an accident.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is designed to help you pay for your vehicle and possibly another if you collide with a car or even a stationary object. For example, this policy will be helpful if you sideswipe a parked car.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is critical to protect the investment you have made in your motorcycle. For example, suppose your bike is damaged or destroyed due to a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster. In that case, this part of your policy will help you replace or repair your bike. The same goes if a fire or vandalism damages your motorcycle. This insurance coverage will even help you replace your bike if it is stolen.

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