What auto insurance must you legally carry in Arizona?

You must also purchase auto insurance when you purchase a car in Oro Valley, AZ. Many people ask Old Pueblo Insurance if they can get by with just the minimum auto insurance coverage in Arizona. Even Car & Driver tells its readers that’s a bad idea.

Arizona’s state minimums offer little coverage. Although this makes the state one of the cheapest to insure your vehicle, you would better serve your financial security by purchasing full coverage. The state only requires coverage in the amount of:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury liability for one individual,
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury liability for all individuals,
  • $15,000 property damage liability.

That means that if you cause the accident or law enforcement finds you at fault, your insurance pays the injured person or persons up to $50,000 total for the entire accident for their injuries. If you hurt four people, they each get $12,500, but if you hurt one individual, they could receive up to $25,000 if their medical and mental health costs ranged that high.

If the accident damaged three vehicles, each individual gets up to $5,000, but if only one incurred damage, the individual could receive up to $15,000 if their vehicle held that value at the time of the accident.

Your vehicle and medical injuries come out of your pocket if you don’t carry full coverage. The state-mandated coverage only protects the other drivers on the road. If the accident you caused totaled your vehicle, you’d need full coverage for the insurance to cover its replacement. Carrying the state minimums doesn’t do that. You would need to purchase another vehicle out of pocket, costing you thousands of dollars.

Instead, let Old Pueblo Insurance help you obtain reasonably priced auto insurance. Stay safer on the Oro Valley, AZ roads with full coverage from our insurance agency.