3 Tips for Boating Safety in Oro Valley

Boating safety is much like home safety: we tend to stop thinking about it after a while. Trip after trip may go by without any incident whatsoever, making everyone complacent about the real risks of the water. To reduce or eliminate the scary consequences that can come from being unprepared, keep the following tips in mind if you live in Oro Valley, AZ. 

Have a Plan 

Everyone on board should understand what to do in the event of an emergency. They should know where all of the equipment is stored that could help mitigate any potential disasters. One thing that can help is by setting up a disaster plan and then having your family or your passengers practice it several times before getting on the water. 

Designate a Helper 

An assistant skipper who understands how to steer the boat and handle the waters can be one of the best ways to prepare. If the navigator is unavailable for any reason, then the assistant can step in to either get help or to keep the boat on course.  Old Pueblo Insurance has seen countless situations saved with the help of the buddy system. The assistant skipper doesn’t necessarily need to know everything, but they should know enough to keep the boat going. 

Have Better Insurance 

Insurance can go a long way when it comes to boating safety, so owners may want to consult their policy to make sure that it will be useful in an emergency. From theft to thunderstorms, Old Pueblo Insurance understands the many threats that may harm your boat. If you live in Oro Valley, AZ and have questions about your policy, give our friendly staff a call to learn more about how we can help with better coverage!