3 Tips To Conduct A Home Inventory

When you have a home in Oro Valley, AZ, it is important that you conduct a home inventory in order to work alongside of your home insurance. It will ensure that you have calculated the total value of all of your belongings. This can help with finding the right coverage and allow insurance companies to complete a claim much faster.

When you are conducting a home inventory in Oro Valley, AZ, Old Pueblo Insurance offers some tips to assist you every step of the way.

Go Room by Room

Conducting a home inventory is not something that’s going to be quick. You want to go room by room in a very methodical way. You can create the inventory on a notebook, though it should eventually be transferred onto the computer so that you have a digital record.

Go into every bedroom, and write down what is inside. Go into closets, drawers, and everything else. Don’t leave a single aspect out because you could be missing thousands of dollars’ worth of household belongings.

You should also inventory your garage, attic, basement, and any other rooms that you may not spend time in on a daily basis.

Take Photos

As you write everything down on the home inventory, take photos. This will make it easier to show that you actually have the items. Be sure that your camera is capable of putting a date/time stamp on everything. This way, the insurance company cannot come back and say that you purchased something after the date of the accident or incident.

Save Receipts

You want to save receipts for everything that you purchase of value. This includes furniture, jewelry, artwork, and anything else that you may have. It will not only help you to establish what you pay for the items, but also make it easier to prove this to the insurance company.

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