3 Reasons You Need Flood Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ

Flooding is something you probably never think about, especially if you live in Oro Valley, AZ. But did you know that Oro Valley is in a flood plain?  And did you know that most homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding?  That means if your property gets flooded you will be left cleaning up the expensive mess.  Read on to learn about three more reasons you need flood insurance in Oro Valley, AZ.  

1.  Protect Your Property

Flood damage causes water damage.  There’s no way around it.  Water gets into everything and can ruin your property quickly, especially if you don’t have flood insurance.  With flood insurance you can get your property cleaned up by a professional team right away and your insurance company will cover the expense.   

2. Have Peace of Mind

Having flood insurance in Oro Valley, AZ gives you peace of mind.  You will know that whatever may happen, if your property is the victim of flooding, your flood insurance will kick in to help.  Although every policy differs, most will even put you up in a hotel or rental unit until your home is safe to reside in again.

3. Prepares You for the Worst

Do you know what to do in the event of a flood? Do you have a plan? If not, creating one is a great idea to go along with your flood insurance.  For example, in the event of flooding in your neighborhood, your family should have a meeting place already decided, especially considering you may not be able to reach your property due to flooding.

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