What Umbrella Insurance Does (and Doesn’t) Cover in Oro Valley, AZ

If you want extra protection against personal liability, an umbrella policy might serve you well. It picks up where your auto and home insurance leave off. Say you have more damage to your property than your regular policy covers. Then, umbrella insurance can bridge the gap. Contact Old Pueblo Insurance about extra coverage in Oro Valley, AZ.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Umbrella insurance covers claims that exceed the amount of your original insurance. This commonly includes injuries, certain lawsuits, property damage, and personal liability situations. Examples of bodily injury covered by umbrella insurance include the cost of medical bills for a guest who falls in your house, a major accident you cause, and dog bites.

Property damage pays for losses of personal property. This might include vehicle damage in an accident you cause. Additionally, if you own a rental property, umbrella insurance can give you extra protection if someone trips over an ill-maintained sidewalk.

It also usually covers expenses related to libel, slander, false arrest, and mental anguish.

What Is Not Covered by Umbrella Insurance? 

"Ineligible exposures" listed on your policy are not handled by umbrella insurance. There are exclusions for certain professions, including politics. Certain breeds of dogs are also excluded, as are preexisting lawsuits.

Other exclusions include commercial automobiles, intentional property damage or bodily injury, and intentional false statements. There are nuances to consider, such as an intentional injury due to self-defense.

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The importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, there are many different safety precautions that you should take to keep yourself and others safe. One of the most essential safety measures is wearing a helmet on your bike.

A helmet is essential safety equipment that can help prevent serious injuries or death if you are ever involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle. If you don’t wear a helmet, you are putting your own health and well-being at risk and the lives and well-being of everyone else around you.

There are many different types of helmets available, so be sure to choose one that fits properly and provides the best level of protection for your needs. It’s also important to check the safety ratings of helmets to ensure that you get the best protection.

If you ride a motorcycle, always wear a helmet and other protective gear to stay safe while on the road. Not only will this help keep you safe, but it will also help protect everyone else around you.

Overall, there are many vital reasons why wearing a helmet while riding your motorcycle is so essential. It can prevent serious injuries and even save your life in an accident. If you want to stay safe while on the road, be sure to wear a helmet when riding your bike!

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Two Main Types of Life Insurance

It’s so important for most adults to have life insurance. Being able to replace your income and provide time for grieving can be done with a life insurance policy left to your heirs. If you don’t have a life insurance policy, call us today at Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ.

There are two main types of this coverage, and we can help you to pick the right kind for your needs. 

Term Life Insurance

This is one of the main types of life insurance that comes with several benefits and drawbacks. Term life insurance is just like the name suggests- it’s life insurance that is in effect for a specific term. During that term, the life insurance is in full effect in most cases, though some may take a couple of years for the full benefits to be there. This life insurance type is the most inexpensive, a major plus for many families. However, it does have a date when it will expire. After this date, you will have no coverage and will have to find a new insurance policy. 

Whole Life Insurance

This is a very different type of coverage with a higher price tag. However, you get a lot of benefits for the higher cost. The policy has no expiration date and builds a cash value over time. You can keep this policy for as long as you want, no matter how old you get. And over the years, it builds a value you can borrow against. 

Get Your Life Insurance Policy

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Do I need commercial insurance if I’m a business owner with no employees?

Running a business carries risks and liabilities. This holds true even if you have no employees. The type of business you have often determines the type of risks and liabilities that you face. As a result, commercial insurance is a good idea if you’re a business owner that wants to protect your assets and can’t afford to pay for risks and liabilities out of pocket. Our team at Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ is committed to helping business owners understand the benefits of commercial insurance. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial or business insurance is designed to protect your business and assets. This includes employees, property, and situations involving liability. Every company has different needs. Commercial insurance is designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

Do I Need Commercial Insurance if I Don’t Have Any Employees? 

If you understand what commercial insurance is, this is an easy question. Commercial insurance protects against all kinds of risks and liabilities that could affect your business. Business insurance can cover property damage, income loss, lawsuits, and many other risks associated with your business. These are worthwhile benefits if you want to protect your business. Best yet, business owners can choose the types of coverage that meet the specific needs of their business and combine different forms of coverage into one commercial policy.

Our Oro Valley, AZ team at Old Pueblo Insurance can help business owners get coverage that meets their company’s specific needs. If you’re considering investing in business/commercial insurance, call us. We’d be happy to help you explore all of your options.

What Are The Benefits Of Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance can help you handle expenses that exceed your liability limits and pay for legal costs if you are sued. It can provide extra liability protection if your regular policy maxes out or cover a more comprehensive range of potential accidents or incidents. 

Sometimes, you may need an umbrella policy to protect assets not covered by other policies, such as an expensive piece of equipment or an art collection. Depending on your other insurance policies, you can usually purchase an umbrella policy for a very affordable rate. For help in Oro Valley, AZ, check with Old Pueblo Insurance. 

What to Know About Umbrella Insurance 

Umbrella policies provide additional protection above and beyond what you have in your regular insurance policies. They are there to protect you and your assets in a major accident or a series of smaller accidents that add up to a significant loss. An umbrella policy can help with the costs of legal representation, compensation for pain and suffering, and reimbursement for any expenses related to the incident, such as medical bills. 

Umbrella insurance is meant to provide additional coverage if you exceed the limits on your other policies or exceed a certain amount in claims within a year. For example, suppose you have a car insurance policy with a limit of $250,000, and you cause an accident that results in $300,000 in damages. In that case, your umbrella policy kicks in to cover the remaining $50,000. 

Bottom Line 

Depending on your needs, an umbrella policy can offer various benefits, including greater coverage limits, supplemental health care benefits, or liability coverage for various circumstances. 

In addition to providing greater coverage limits, an umbrella policy can act as a “backstop” for your existing insurance plan in the event it doesn’t cover a significant cost. Reach out to Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ.

Can I Get A Discount On My Motorcycle Insurance?

Like any other type of insurance, Motorcycle insurance is something that you can shop around and find multiple offers at various rates. Most people have heard of somebody getting a significant drop in their car insurance after switching to a new provider. 

If you have had a traffic violation in the last few years, you will most likely be required to have a higher premium than someone with a clean record. If you want to save even more money on your policy, you could consider decreasing the overall risk of your bike. A common way to do this is to purchase a slip-and-fall insurance endorsement. If living in Oro Valley, AZ, call Old Pueblo Insurance for help.

Saving on Your Motorcycle Insurance 

You can save on your policy if you take a rider education course. Your motorcycle rate will likely increase if you’re over a certain age. Unfortunately, getting a discount on your motorcycle insurance without increasing your risk is impossible. 

Most insurers offer a rate reduction if you install a device in your car that clamps your brakes if you make an unsafe move. Some insurers offer a rate reduction if you take a course on defensive driving. Where you live is another factor. The type of motorcycle you drive matters, too. A sports bike will cost you more to insure than a cruiser. 

Motorcycle insurance premiums can be quite expensive, especially if you have a sports bike. If you want to try to save some money, you can shop around and compare quotes from different insurers. You can also try to get a discount by installing an alarm system on your motorcycle or installing a black box. Many insurers offer discounts if you opt for a no-fault or liability policy. You may be able to get a lower rate if you are over a certain age or meet other eligibility requirements. 


Ensure your motorcycle is well maintained. Poorly maintained motorcycles are riskier to insure and will cost you more in the long run. Each package will be unique depending on the policyholder’s driving history, location, age, and the coverage they select. If you’re stuck, reach out to Old Pueblo Insurance. The company serves Oro Valley, AZ.

Do all recreational vehicles require RV insurance?

Every state requires those who drive a motorhome to insure it, just as they require insurance on an automobile. In Oro Valley, AZ, you’ll need to insure your RV just as you would your auto as long as you drive a Class A, B, or C vehicle.

Old Pueblo Insurance knows that you probably didn’t study the RV classes before purchasing one, so we’ll provide a quick primer.

  • Class A: You drive a Class A RV since it’s an all-in-one unit. You can access its bathroom while it remains in motion. Passengers can use the bathroom or cook while the driver motors along. This class of RV resembles a band’s tour bus, so it equals a Greyhound bus in size or close to it.
  • Class B: You drive a Class B, which resembles a cargo or conversion van. These feature a small bedroom and a bathroom, but they typically provide the least room of any RV you drive.
  • Class C: Although you also drive most Class C RVs, fifth wheels also fall into this category since they fully attach to the truck hauling them, typically covering the truck’s bed. The all-in-one version of a Class C RV features a truck’s front end with a rear that looks like a fifth wheel.

So, what don’t you have to insure separately?

If you haul a pop-up trailer that you cannot travel inside while in motion, you won’t need a policy separate from your auto insurance. You also won’t need a different policy for a storage towable or an open trailer.

Contact Old Pueblo Insurance serving Oro Valley, AZ for more information on motorhome insurance. Let us help you vacation legally in Arizona and other states in your RV.

3 Benefits of Flood Insurance

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters in the US. Unfortunately, your typical home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. However, this doesn’t mean that your only hope is in federal grants. When you invest in flood insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ, your dwelling and the contents are safe from floods.

Still not convinced why you should invest in flood insurance? Consider the benefits below:

Dwelling protection

This is one of the most common reasons most people invest in flood insurance. And rightly so, because flood damage doesn’t come cheap. Just a one-inch rise in the water level may result in damage of about $25,000. However, if you invest in flood insurance, the ensuing repairs after flood damage are your insurer’s headache.

Flood insurance covers permanent installations, debris removal, foundation, electrical, and plumbing systems. If you invest in flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the dwelling coverage is up to $250,000, but this limit can increase if you go the private insurers’ route.

Assets protection

You may not have given it a second thought, but your assets are valuable. And to verify this claim, take a home inventory of your assets. You will notice that you quite own a fortune in your assets! Now, given that you know the value of your assets, the next thing is to think about protecting them against floods by purchasing flood insurance.

Peace of mind

If your mind is not at ease, your overall body system won’t function as it should be. While there are several things you can worry about, floods shouldn’t be one of them. Invest in flood insurance and see a portion of your worries dissipate.

Purchase flood insurance today!

If you want to enjoy peace of mind, invest in flood insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance. Flood insurance won’t prevent floods, but it will help you cope financially with the aftermath.

How Much Boat Insurance Do I Need?

Boats are the stars of the show in summer! They are flashy and fun. However, when involved in an accident, boat repairs can be freaking expensive, and that’s why you need boat insurance. But any boat insurance isn’t insurance. Why do we say this? If you are underinsured, it can be frustrating when filing a claim to find that you are insufficiently covered.

At Old Pueblo Insurance, we usually advise our Oro Valley, AZ clients to have a second look at their boat insurance to ensure they have the right options and the correct amount. But how do you know you have sufficient coverage? Don’t sweat it out. Below is a guide to help you determine the amount of boat insurance adequate for you.

How much liability coverage do I need?

Liability coverage is one of the most critical coverages – it covers you when accused of bodily injury and property damage. Liability coverage also protects you when you cause damages and injuries as your boat docks.

The amount of liability coverage depends on the size of your boat. For small boats, we advise a minimum of $100,000. However, for powerboats, liability coverage can go as high as $500,000. But if you want liability coverage of $1M plus, consider umbrella insurance.

How much collision or comprehensive coverage do I need?

Your collision or comprehensive coverage pays for damages or replacing your boat when it’s stolen or destroyed beyond repair. So, you need coverage that can replace your boat without incurring significant out-of-pocket expenses.

That said, consider the replacement value or agreed value instead of the actual cash value that knocks off the depreciation factor from the pay-out amount.

Boat insurance in Oro Valley, AZ 

Ready to get started with boat insurance? Please get in touch with Old Pueblo Insurance for an affordable quote.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ?

Umbrella insurance is that investment that protects you when your typical insurance coverages run out. Your home, boat, and auto insurance coverages are superb, but they can only do so much when faced with significant liability claims. Luckily, if you have umbrella insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ, you can have peace of mind even when your conventional liability coverages are exhausted.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

Is umbrella insurance for everyone like health insurance? Do I really need umbrella insurance? If you are asking one of these questions, keep reading to establish whether you are a candidate for umbrella insurance.

There is a popular misconception that umbrella insurance is only for the rich and famous. The truth is that you need umbrella insurance as long as you earn a livelihood. Because everyone is at risk of being sued in America, you need to invest in umbrella insurance if you have assets or income to protect.

However, some people are at high risk of being sued than others. So, if you belong in the below categories, you need umbrella insurance ASAP. You need umbrella insurance if you:

  • Participate in high-risk hobbies like archery and skiing that can cause injuries to others
  • Chair a charitable organization
  • Own a dangerous pet that can cause injuries to other people
  • Own a rental house
  • Own a home with a swimming pool or trampoline
  • Have a business
  • Own a significant amount of assets (a high net worth individual)
  • Have a strong opinion in the online space
  • Own a gun
  • Coach kid’s or youth sports

Would you like to boost the strength of your insurance coverage in Oro Valley, AZ? If yes, please get in touch with Old Pueblo Insurance for an affordable umbrella insurance policy.