Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is insurance that helps protect your assets in the event that your insurance does not cover the full amount. Let’s say you were driving through Oro Valley, AZ and find yourself in an at-fault auto accident that involved more than two vehicles. The people in the other vehicles were injured and were taken to the hospital. 

Between the damage to the vehicles and the medical costs, the total comes to more than your insurance policy covers. In this case, the money to cover these costs has to come from somewhere. If you have anything of value, including but not limited to a home or an investment account, you might lose them to cover the additional costs. Additionally, you might be sued for additional costs if the injured party loses compensation or has severe medical problems that are due to the accident. This can be a scary predicament to be in- no one wants to lose what they work hard for.

Unfortunately, though, we do not know the future and anything can happen. You may not be able to control everything, but you can lessen the impact of such a situation by obtaining umbrella insurance. It provides additional coverage that picks up where your other insurance ends.

Not everyone needs such coverage and you are not required to carry it. It is simply a means of protecting assets. Most umbrella insurance policies are for a $1 million minimum coverage. Once you have $1 million in assets, you should really consider adding this coverage.

Here at Old Pueblo Insurance, we understand what it means to work hard and want to protect what you work for. This is why we want to partner with you to make sure you have the coverage you need. If you live in Oro Valley, AZ, give Old Pueblo Insurance a call or stop by today for your no-obligation quote.

Importance of Motorcycle Training for New Riders

As a new rider, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of motorcycle training in keeping you and others safe on the road. Purchasing motorcycle insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ will protect you and your bike if you have an accident. A motorcycle safety course, however, could help prevent accidents and possibly save lives in the process. The following benefits make motorcycle training a valuable investment for new riders.

Learn Riding Skills

During a motorcycle safety course, you can learn riding skills and techniques that will make you a better (and safer) rider. You’ll have the opportunity to practice on different types of bikes and learn how to maneuver safely in the city and open road riding. Motorcycle training also exposes you to the dangers of riding so you can take necessary precautions to protect yourself and others on the road.

Gain Experience in Controlled Environment

Motorcycle training gives you valuable experience in riding a bike so you’ll have greater confidence once you get out on the road. You’ll have a chance to hone riding and safety skills within a supervised, controlled environment. A safety course can help you develop good riding habits that can help prevent accidents. You’ll also be able to glean valuable tips on purchasing a motorcycle and motorcycle gear from instructors with years of experience in riding.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Completing a motorcycle safety course could help you qualify for a discount on your motorcycle insurance as the training you receive can reduce your risk of accidents. When learning how to ride a bike, safety is a priority. By putting your training into practical use, you can become a more conscientious rider.

For more information about motorcycle safety or motorcycle insurance coverage, call or visit Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Winter Riding

If you’re going to ride your bike in winter, you need to prepare for the challenges that winter weather brings. The following safety tips from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ can enhance your safety during winter riding. 

Wear the Right Gear

Layer your clothing from top to bottom to protect yourself from the cold. Base layer gear – top and bottom – is a good investment for winter riding. In addition to this gear, you can benefit from a warm fleece or down jacket to cut down the wind chill, windproof gloves to keep your fingers nimble and warm, and insulated, waterproof boots to keep out wetness and cold. Don’t forget to add a neck-warming scarf and protective full-face helmet with an attached fog-free face shield to your gear for long-distance travel.

Prep Your Bike

Prepare your bike with winter accessories that can make for safer, more comfortable riding. An oversized windshield will protect you from winter winds. Heated grips and a sheepskin seat cover will enhance comfort by keeping you warmer and dryer during your winter riding. Quality all-weather tires are a must for reducing the risk of accidents on Arizona’s slick, wet roads during winter. 

Be Vigilant on the Road

Use wisdom when riding in winter as road conditions are more hazardous for riding. Ride slower and keep an eye out for ice, salt, cracks and potholes in the road. Stay tuned to weather forecasts to avoid running into a snowstorm during your travels.

Update Your Motorcycle Insurance

Make sure your motorcycle insurance is up to date and that you have the protection you need for winter riding. For year-round motorcycle insurance protection you can trust, call or visit an agent from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ today.

When’s the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance?

Many people wait until they’re married or have children to look into life insurance options. The longer you wait, however, the more you’ll pay for life insurance costs. The best time to purchase life insurance is when you’re young, healthy and single to take advantage of lower premiums on your policy. Life insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ offers a wide range of benefits to singles, families and seniors alike. Here’s why it’s better to purchase a policy when you’re young:

Lower Premium

Life insurance rates increase with age. Every year you wait means you’ll pay a higher price for the features in the policy you desire. By obtaining a policy when you’re young, you can capitalize on lower premiums for the duration of your policy. If you’re healthy and have good healthy living habits, i.e. moderate drinker, non-smoker, daily exerciser, etc., chances are you’ll qualify for the lowest premium available for the coverage you want.

Financial Security

Buying life insurance early provides financial security for your future. You may be single now, but what about the future? By buying a life policy now, you can be prepared for when you get married and start a family. As you grow older and circumstances in your life change, you can have peace of mind knowing you have the financial security that life insurance has to offer.

Increased Cash Value

The cash value of life insurance grows as time goes by. If you purchase a whole life policy when you’re young, the premiums you pay towards this policy will accumulate a considerable amount of value by the time you’re old. You can cash in on this value to buy a home or even use it to supplement your retirement.

For more information on life insurance coverage and costs, contact us at Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ.

Can You Get General Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is additional coverage that you can take out on top of your existing insurance coverage. An umbrella policy is a great way to get more use out of your policy and to add extra coverage without having to change your existing policy. For those that live in the Oro Valley, AZ area, the agents with Old Pueblo Insurance can help you to find the umbrella policy that is going to work for you.

You can get umbrella policies to help add extra coverage to the policies that you already have in place. You can get policies that are specific to a certain type of insurance or you can get a general policy that covers several different types of insurance. It is always going to be less expensive and difficult to find an umbrella policy that is geared toward one specific coverage type. You can buy general liability coverage that is meant to cover liability as well. For the most part, it is going to be much more financially smart and easier to buy umbrella policies that are geared toward one type of insurance or other.

In some cases, the company you are looking to purchase umbrella coverage from may ask that you take the time to adjust your coverage on your current policy in order to make sure you are getting good coverage there before you work to get an umbrella policy. Taking the time to adjust your existing coverage first is going to help you make sure you get the right coverage and that you are going to be able to get an umbrella policy that works for you. For those in the Oro Valley, AZ area, the agents with Old Pueblo Insurance is going to be able to help you get the umbrella policy that works for you.

What to Expect from Your Motorcylce Insurance

Riding your motorcycle is an excellent way to explore the area around Oro Valley, AZ. In order to legally operate on Arizona roads, all drivers are required to have a valid insurance policy.  What exactly does your motorcycle insurance cover? What are some of the things for which you may need additional protections? Here’s what you can expect from your insurance policy from Old Pueblo Insurance.

Every insurance contract is different. However, these coverages are included in most policies.

  • Bodily injury liability. This portion of your policy provides funds to those who suffer injury from an accident for which you are deemed to be at fault. Payments are used for medical bills, therapies, and burial services.
  • Property damage liability. If your vehicle damages the property of another person, this part of your policy pays for repairs and replacements. It is important to note that this coverage may not extend to damages you cause to your own property.
  • Guest passenger liability. This coverage extends your policy to protect those who are riding with you at the time of an accident. Like the required liability portion of your contract, this coverage pays for loss of property and injury-related costs.

There are some things that may not be covered by your insurance policy. Talk to the agents at Old Pueblo Insurance for guidance on how to protect yourself from these threats.

  • Competitions. If you race for a living or as an amateur hobbyist, your motorcycle insurance may not cover any damages you sustain during those events.
  • Commercial use. Delivery drivers and others who use their motorcycle for business purposes should pursue a commercial policy for maximum protection.
  • Other drivers. Each driver should have their own insurance credentials. Never allow someone without the proper paperwork to operate your cycle.

Old Pueblo Insurance provides motorcycle insurance coverage for residents in the Oro Valley, AZ area. Contact us to start customizing your coverage today.

Does RV Insurance Cover Pets?

RVs allow you to do many things that a traditional vacation simply do not, like bring your pets along with you. That being said, you must be able to protect your pets while you are using your RV and your insurance policy may be the ticket. For those that live in the Oro Valley, AZ area, the agents with Old Pueblo Insurance can help you get the policy that works for you.

Pets are generally not covered by any specific policy but are most often covered under the contents or liability clause of your RV policy. This means that if your pet is injured while you are driving your RV, you may be able to claim contents or make a liability claim to get the funds that you need to cover the medical expenses of your pet. Pets are a fundamental part of many families and knowing that you can get some insurance money if they are injured in your RV can be comforting.

If that amount or type of coverage does not work for you, you can always get a pet insurance plan that helps to cover the medical costs of your pet for nearly every procedure that they may need. Pet health insurance is a great thing to have if you have a pet that is a rare breed or that has health issues that require frequent visits to the vet. A pet policy does also cover bodily injury if your pet is hurt in an accident.

For those that live in the Oro Valley, AZ area, the agents with Old Pueblo Insurance can help you find a policy that covers your pet and your RV and that makes you feel secure every time you set out in your RV for a fantastic trip.  

How Flood Insurance Works

Floods are the most common result to extreme weather conditions in the United States, and they often result in severe damage to an individual’s personal property. In 1968, the federal government created flood insurance to assist those property owners in recovering from the devastation to their home after a major storm. 

Now, flood insurance is available to those homeowners who live in a flood-prone areas. If you’re considering taking a mortgage on property located in a high-risk zone like Oro Valley, AZ, the lender may require you to purchase some form of flood insurance.

What’s Flood Damage

To better understand how flood insurance works, you need to speak with Old Pueblo Insurance on what qualifies as flood damage. A standard homeowner insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damage at all, but it will cover for water damage caused by a bursting pipe or broken faucet that was inside the home. However, the policy may cover the damages sustained from a rainstorm, but if you’re home is filled with water from a rising lake, river or the ocean, then there is no coverage provided for your loss. Thus, your home insurance policy will not pay for the repairs needed from that flood. 

What Is and Isn’t Covered in a Flood Insurance Policy

It’s important to know what is and isn’t covered by a flood insurance policy. Often, it will consist of two separate policies: one that covers the home and another for your personal property. To better simplify this, the contents inside the home or building aren’t covered in a standard flood insurance policy. You will need to add a separate property flood insurance policy to your existing agreement. 

Usually, there is a waiting period between the purchase date and when the flood insurance policy goes into effect. In most cases, the waiting period can last 30 days following the purchase of the coverage. This time might be shortened if your property sits on burned land as post-wildfire conditions could put your home in danger if flooding occurs due to torrential rainstorms that may follow. 

Boat Insurance Protects Against Issues Caused During Winter

Boat owners in Oro Valley, AZ likely store their boat during the winter months without buying an insurance policy to protect their vessel. This mistake is one that we at Old Pueblo Insurance hope to correct by providing excellent coverage for boats of all types in this area.

Cold Weather May Trigger Boat Issues

Although winters in Arizona may not be as extreme as other parts of the world, temperatures can still get pretty low during the coldest winter months. Unfortunately, this situation means that a boat owner may park their vessel in storage during the most damaging times of the year.

When cold weather occurs in and around a boat, issues with freezing may occur, especially if the boat owner isn’t used to such protection measures. As a result, their boat may end up severely damaged and unable to run without them having any insurance to pray for these repairs.

Boat Coverage Protects Against Winter Damage

When a boat owner stores their boat during the winter, they may think that their homeowner’s insurance policy protects it from damage. Unfortunately, that misunderstanding is simply not the case. While some policies may cover a boat, others won’t help at all.

However, high-quality boat insurance policies are designed to protect a boat from any type of serious damage. For example, a stored boat damaged by cold weather during the winter can be repaired using boating insurance. As a result, boat owners should insure their vessels all year round.

Choose a Policy for Your Vessel

So even if you don’t expect a cold winter in Oro Valley, AZ this year, please contact us at Old Pueblo Insurance to get the boating insurance you need to protect your vessel. You won’t regret taking the step to fully protect your investment and to keep it from serious damage.

Why get an umbrella in Arizona

Umbrella insurance is for catastrophic losses and could save you from financial ruin in some situations.  Not everyone needs such a policy. Retired people, especially those with a large amount of money or possessions, are the ones that would need this the most. The Old Pueblo Insurance agency in Oro Valley, AZ can help you sort through the insurance questions and find the policy you need.

If you have basic homeowners insurance you may think you have all you need. Renters or people living in condos also have specific types of insurance for those situations. In most cases, those policies cover loses, and are enough for anyone. However, those policies have limits on how much they will pay. If your policy has a $300,000 limit, that is all it will pay. If you have a million dollar loss in a lawsuit, you will have to pay $700,000. That is where an umbrella policy can save you. Umbrella policies are not terribly expensive, usually less than a homeowners policy.

The umbrella policy has a much higher limit for liability.  If someone gets hurt, or several people get hurt, on your property you could be facing a big lawsuit. Or if you are in an accident, you could face a lawsuit with the possibility of a very large settlement being awarded. This could wipe out your savings very quickly. An umbrella policy would cover you in that situation. The umbrella policy can also cover you for libel and other types of damage you could cause. 

Contact the Old Pueblo Insurance company in Oro Valley, AZ to find out if an umbrella policy is something you should have in addition to your regular insurance.  Contact us by phone, or visit our website and use our tool to get information about insurance and pricing.