Is Your Boating Insurance Adequate

Boating is an exciting and fun way to enjoy the waterways of Arizona. If you own a boat that is larger than a canoe or small sailboat that travels at a speed under 25 mph, such as a yacht or other personal watercraft, you should consider the importance of purchasing boating insurance. The independent insurance agents of Old Pueblo Insurance provide you with the information regarding your Ora Valley, AZ boating  insurance needs. We are professionals dedicated to finding the correct coverage that protects you and your boat in the event of an accident, resulting in financial loss.     

Determining What is Adequate Insurance Protection

Boating activities in the State of Arizona are regulated by the Game and Fish Department. At the time you register your boat, you are not required to purchase boating insurance; however, given the value of this type of investment, it is in your best interest to purchase adequate coverage. Your boating insurance, at a minimum, should cover:

  • Hull, attached equipment, furnishings and fixtures against physical damage or loss.
  • Bodily damage.
  • Liability for anyone other than you as the owner using the vessel.
  • Theft of property.

An independent insurance agent can work with you to assess your needs and provide you with the policy that meets your boating insurance requirements.

Finding the Right Boat Insurance

The independent insurance agents of Old Pueblo Insurance are available to provide you with the information you need for your boat insurance protection. Before you purchase any form of protection for your yacht or other personal watercraft, you should consult with an Old Pueblo agent in order to obtain the information you need to make an informed decision.  We serve a broad area of customers in Arizona, from Tucson to Red Rock. We also meet the boating insurance needs of customers in New Mexico, Ohio and Michigan. Get the information for your important boat insurance policy by contacting an independent insurance agent at Old Pueblo now.