Is Home Insurance Transferable if I Move?

Your home insurance policy differs from other types of insurance you purchase because it only covers the specific home named in it. The policy contains the address of your Arizona home, and your home policy only applies to your current location.

Moving to A New Home Means a New Insurance Policy

When you move to another address in Arizona or out of state, you must purchase a new policy covering the new home. When you move to a new house, you insure it anew since its construction, value, and amenities differ from the other home.

Determining Your New Home’s Value

Your insurance agent determines the value of your new home based on your purchase price. If you make any alterations after purchase, provide the receipts or invoices for the improvement. That helps your insurance agent add the home improvement to the purchase value.
The insurance on your boat or life continues working to protect you from financial loss. Each time you purchase a new home, you need to buy home insurance for that property.

Advantages of the New Policy

Purchasing a new home policy lets you easily add coverage for your home business, the new playground equipment you bought for the backyard, such as a trampoline or swing set, and added protection for expensive jewelry like an engagement ring.

Contact Old Pueblo Insurance About Your Policy

Contact Old Pueblo Insurance to insure your Arizona, home. Don’t let your coverage lapse because your existing policy does not extend to your new home. Let us help you build a policy that protects your new home and financial security.