Does Commercial Insurance Protect Business Owners From Losses Caused By Shoplifting?

Retail business owners from the Oro Valley, AZ area need to understand the importance of protecting their company with commercial insurance. Old Pueblo Insurance wants you to learn what commercial insurance does and does not cover. The main concern for most retail businesses is shoplifting and other types of theft. Theft costs retail businesses millions of dollars each year. Companies often go to great lengths to reduce the risk of this type of loss. Installing security cameras and hiring plain clothes security officers are just two ways members of management try to protect themselves from shoplifters.

Shoplifting can cause devastating financial losses to a business. It is not covered by most insurance policies, however, burglary, robbery, and malicious mischief are covered by insurance because of the use of force and potential damage to the property. Shoplifting, on the other hand, uses no force and rarely results in physical damage to store property. Even though it is not covered by insurance, shoplifting remains a huge concern. It can often be prevented by employing protective measures like shoplifting awareness signals, increased security, and alarm systems.

The agents at Old Pueblo Insurance serve business owners in Oro Valley, AZ, and many nearby communities. They offer several commercial insurance options that can be used to protect your business from financial loss. Contact an insurance agent today to find out what your insurance covers and what you may need to do to keep your policy up to date. If you want to protect your business from financial loss, you need to have the right type of commercial coverage. Call our office today for a consultation and a thorough review of your policy.