In All Seasons, You Need Umbrella Insurance

The word “umbrella” in umbrella insurance aptly describes this coverage. Umbrella insurance can save you on a rainy day! When your typical insurance coverages run out, umbrella insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance in Oro Valley, AZ, can bail you out. Need to find out more? Keep scrolling.

Umbrella insurance explained

Umbrella insurance is the extra liability protection that takes over from where your boat, home, or auto insurance leaves off. And since lawsuits don’t have an off-season, you need umbrella insurance to protect you when accused of:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal liabilities, including slander, libel, and false arrest

Besides, umbrella insurance helps you cover attorney fees, settlement fees, and other legal-related expenses.

Is umbrella insurance for the wealthy only?

The simple answer is no. Umbrella insurance is suitable for everyone because anyone in America can be sued. And since lawsuits can be expensive, you need umbrella insurance to protect your hard-earned assets. While umbrella insurance fits anyone earning a livelihood, you need it urgently if you are in the below circumstances because the likelihood of lawsuits is high. 

It would help if you had umbrella insurance if you:

  • Own a dangerous pet that can cause injury (for instance, some breeds of dogs)
  • Own a home, boat, or vehicle
  • Participate in high-risk hobbies that can cause injury
  • Chair a charitable organization
  • Coach youth or kids’ sports

Lawsuits can mess with your finances. In fact, one significant case can wipe all your assets. For this reason, you need a friend – umbrella insurance – to protect the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate. 

Buy umbrella insurance today!

Lawsuits are always raining in America. As a result, you need umbrella insurance from Old Pueblo Insurance to cover yourself. If you are looking for this coverage, please contact us. Better yet, you can visit our Oro Valley, AZ offices to speak to one of our agents.